LED Video Walls

LED Video is now a requirement for any serious live event. The event or performance area just looks empty without them. At the drop of a hat, we can custom design any size indoor or outdoor screen.


Lighting design and rental don’t have to be intimidating. Our state-of-the-art lighting fixtures and systems can be customized to be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Impress your audience with a fully integrated, light show that captivates and moves your audience.

Live Sound

Less than perfect sound can easily ruin any live event. We deliver the highest quality equipment from the top manufacturers. Our expert audio engineers and system technicians will ensure you have the best sonic sound experience.

Stage Design/Rental

The event stage is the foundation of any performance area. Artists spend their lives trying to get on stage, spectators imagine themselves looking out onto the crowd. We work to capture every detail and provide an impactful, efficient stage design that suits the performance.


Make your trade show exhibition, corporate presentation, keynote address, general/breakout session, or hospitality event problem-free with some of the most comprehensive services and A/V systems on the market. Don’t stress during your big event.

Permanent Installations

Make a statement at your office, venue, or house of worship by having us install an LED video, lighting, or audio system. Set the standard for your competitors and make an impact with a custom installation done by Digital Dynamite Productions.